IMS2016 Workshop (WFF)

May 27, 2016
Beyond Graphene and Emerging Devices for Microwave Circuits and Systems Graphene, a single sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a two-dimensional (2D) honeycomb crystal lattice has been the subject of numerous studies covering fundamental physics and material aspects but also device applications. Work in this area paves the way to related developments that utilize other 2D materials such as chalcogenides, germananes, silicenes, metal oxides and hexagonal boron nitrides. Possibilities exist for designing devices that utilize a combination of materials rather than isolated 2D crystals to satisfy diverse requirements ranging from insulator to direct bandgap properties. Their heterostructures provide further enhancement in device properties and design flexibility. The well-known limitations of opening the bandgap in graphene and its rather limited application in switching applications may consequently be overcome. Exceptionally good performance is expected from graphene and 2D materials in terms of carrier mobility, transconductance and stability. This could lead to a new generation of high frequency devices with much higher operation frequencies and multifunctional features. Aspects of interest for new generations of such devices include their fabrication technology using various approaches. Their non-linear properties arising from the Dirac cone bandstructure and use in circuits such as frequency multipliers is also of interest. 2D-2D tunneling devices may lead to novel low-power electronic applications. Negative Differential Resistance may also offer the possibility of developing new signal sources. Reconfigurable terahertz plasmonics and metamaterials can be envisaged. Minimizing parasitics and enhancing gate modulation is important for high frequency device applications. The workshop will focus on Beyond Graphene and Graphene-based Electronic Devices and Components and their Potential for High-Frequency Applications by covering a wide range of aspects from materials, to devices and their applications. Emphasis will be placed on high-frequency frequency applications but aspects such as switching, thermal management and integration possibilities with other device types such as sensors and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) will also be considered.